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Bug of assassin:
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 bug and question

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PostSubject: bug and question   bug and question I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2009 12:34 pm

the assain seems to be using 2 weapons ? but when im trying to equip a second weapon it says i cant do that..

the assains Backstab is quite weak does less damage than his normal attack does... should have a boost

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PostSubject: Re: bug and question   bug and question I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2009 1:52 pm

seems ive found a few more... the paladins stun say it will stun for 3 Seconds it dont even stun for a half second.. the paladins passive blessing hammer says it will stun for 3 second samme deal here less than a half second...
-- Note on humans it works like the bandits but on centaurs it dont work for more than 0.5 sec max
-------- The paladins spell called Encourage says it hotkey is R it is not i dont know wich hot key it have ..

Arena bug.. a friend entered the arena and couldnt leave using -leave
i then entered and killed him in the match then i tryed to use -leave this didnt help either...

+ the assasin have a moving bug keeep stopping up constantly or stop attacking a target or stop following one when asked to do so

also the item called Take a quest wich you can get in the Yellowtown does nothing and when the item is found around the bandits nothing else happens either it just dissapear when you click on it

item bug... the Ring that says to give 50% mana regen i cant equip it same goes for stuff as the Wizards mana stone giving 1000mana... ive tryed to unequip all my other items and it didnt change it still cant equip it...

Gnoll Quest (start in start town.. gnolls to the left of the town)

Gnoll boss quest (start in start town.. Boss found to the left at the gnoll encamp)

Neos missing glaive (start in the start town... found in the troll forrest... (BUG! after you complete he will keep a questmark on top nothing to
get from him thoug)

Missing gatekey.... starts at the gate straigt downwards from the gate of start town... (key found to the left btw the trees)

Bandit quest.. starts in the Yellow town.... bandits found on the right side of the town..

Get priest item... starts at the healer in yellow town... Murlocs found if you go out right side of city and then go down right away...
item is on the blue murloc

Build sacks.. when i get here i cant get further the thing is bugged and no other quests is to be found in any of the citys.

updates will come as i find more bugs and complete more quests
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bug and question
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