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 Mobs armor balance

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PostSubject: Mobs armor balance   Thu Aug 13, 2009 11:24 am

Needs to be changed, i think. It touches melee chars mostly.
For example, at lvl 12 with vamp claw/str helm i can farm trolls (18 lvl), and it will be continued till lvl 30. Or even 36. Coz they have 0 armor. But at my 40 lvl i can't deal with melee centaurs (31 lvl mobs). Problem is in their 20 heavy armor :X. I prefer to kill lvl 100 acolyte (with some pots in invenory), coz they have 0 armor too.
Mages only win in this case, having extra spell dmg at heavy armor units.
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Mobs armor balance
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