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Welcome to Nickba's Warcraft 3 Mods!
Looking for Beta testers in Northrend(Europe),pm me.
You can use to host Nickba's ORPG v5.03b and play with others.
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Attribute System
Equipment restriction system.
Quest Help Please
a couple of annoying bugs i would like to point out PLZ fix them
quest bug?
Huge bug in 4.0 ?
Stats of your favorite char =)
ty to nickba
Bug of assassin:



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PostSubject: --Changelog--   --Changelog-- I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 03, 2011 8:22 am

Version 5.04
-Added some enchantments
-Added some new models
-Changed the terrain
-Fixed the Blademaster
-Fixed the Murloc Boss Drops
Version 5.03
-Removed the attribute bars
-Fixed the quests
-Added one quest
-Fixed the bugs with equipment system
-Fixed Old Shortsword
-Fixed the bug with Wind Walk skill
-Fixed the bug with the dungeon near Shadowz
Version 5.02
-Fixed the bug with TheOneNeo's Glave Quest
-New Item Ownership System
-New Item System that lets you pick up another class' items
-Changed the attribute points multiboard
-Fixed the attribute bars
-Changed the attribute system
-Share vision setted to default
-Fixed Defender's Endurance Skill
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