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 Heroes + Story + Weapontype

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PostSubject: Heroes + Story + Weapontype   Heroes + Story + Weapontype I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2009 6:12 pm


|cff44ffddClass:|r Death Spellcaster |n|cff44ffddWeapon Type:|r 2 Handed Staff |n|cff44ffddSpecialty:|r Spellcaster, good at dealing damage and using minions to tank |n|cff44ffddHistory:|r To many, the necromancers are a secretive cult that is evil and creates zombies to kill everyone. But that stereotype only applies to some of the rogue necromancers, as most necromancers and necrolytes are in fact normal spellcasters that excel in death spells. During times of war, the human army usually recruits many necromancers to create armies and provide support for the living forces. Ironically the humans' biggest enemies are rogue necromancers that have taken control of entire countries and turned them into zombie and ghoul homelands.

|cff44ffddClass:|r Assassin |n|cff44ffddWeapon Type:|r 2 Handed |n|cff44ffddSpecialty:|r Damage |n|cff44ffddHistory:|r When he was a child,somebody took him and trained him to be a thief,now he uses his skills only for good.

|cff44ffddClass:|r Berseker |n|cff44ffddWeapon Type:|r 2 Handed |n|cff44ffddSpecialty:|r Raged Damage |n|cff44ffddHistory:|r Can utilize weapons and his rage to unleash terrifying and incredible attacks. Functions mainly as a high damage source

|cff44ffddClass:|r Orc Warrior |n|cff44ffddWeapon Type:|r 2 Handed |n|cff44ffddSpecialty:|r Quickly killing individual opponents |n|cff44ffddHistory:|r Orcs are always regarded as evil and brutish. Blademasters are neither. Although their ways in battle are pretty much disgusting, choping off heads and displaying them on pikes and all, they are highly civilised (for orcish standards), and have respect for fellow and opposing warriors. Believing in fair fights, blademasters train years and years in solitude, patiently awaiting a chance to fight a worthy opponent and prove themselves.

|cff44ffddClass:|r Tank Warrior |n|cff44ffddWeapon Type:|r 2 Handed |n|cff44ffddSpecialty:|r Tanking, Buffing |n|cff44ffddHistory:|r Ages past, long before humans and orcs roamed the lands in search of loot, the mighty Tauren peoples were already ahead of the other races, in both lore and wisdom. Tauren Chieftains have always been chosen as leaders for their sheer strength and charisma.

|cff44ffddClass:|r Fire Spellcasterr |n|cff44ffddWeapon Type:|r 2 Handed Wand |n|cff44ffddSpecialty:|r Burning, Destruction |n|cff44ffddHistory:|r Much alike their cold Frost Mage cousins, the Fire Mages walk many years on the journey of discovery, but this journey of discovery goes through many flames, sometimes even the flame of hell itself. Hot-tempered Fire Mages have been seen burning up and completely destroying entire villages and occasionally entire armies even. They are a force to be reckoned with, so beware.

|cff44ffddClass:|r Frost/Cold Spellcaster |n|cff44ffddWeapon Type:|r 2 Handed |n|cff44ffddSpecialty:|r Disabling and Destroying |n|cff44ffddHistory:|r Frost Mages are very interesting people, usually found in high mountains where they practice their frozen arts. Capable of summoning devastation blizzards and snowstorms that can destroy entire towns within minutes, it is a surprise to note that the case of a rogue frost mage destroying a country or village has never occured. Also part of the human armies, frost mages are rare and powerful.

|cff44ffddClass:|r Holy Leader |n|cff44ffddWeapon Type:|r 1 Handed |n|cff44ffddSpecialty:|r Healing, Defence, Team Support |n|cff44ffddHistory:|r Paladins have always been the key defenders of human nations and religion. They heal the sick and destroy evil with a mighty and heavenly hammer, and are influential leaders during times of peace. No paladin has ever turned into evil ways, as most die of old age or during battle with evil. They refuse to fight against other living creatures, but have been seen killing several bandits and orcs.

|cff44ffddClass:|r Human Healer |n|cff44ffddWeapon Type:|r 1 Handed |n|cff44ffddSpecialty:|r Healing friends and killing undeads. |n|cff44ffddHistory:|r An angel gave him the power of healing to help people to kill bosses and save the world.

|cff44ffddClass:|r Archer |n|cff44ffddWeapon Type:|r 2 Handed |n|cff44ffddSpecialty:|r Damage |n|cff44ffddHistory:|r He is Nature's Mother Son,who has been sended to save the forests from the evil forces.

|cff44ffddClass:|r Warrior |n|cff44ffddWeapon Type:|r 1 Handed + Shield |n|cff44ffddSpecialty:|r Defence, tanking |n|cff44ffddHistory:|r For a very long time, footmen have been the backbone of the human armies. Trained as conscripts, they are readily available at times of war as amatuer fighters. The stronger breeds of footmen include men-at-arms and knights, powerful human warriors that lead the armies to war and defend castles.
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Heroes + Story + Weapontype
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