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Bugs and Ideas.
Bug of assassin:
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 Bugs and Ideas.

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PostSubject: Bugs and Ideas.   Wed May 27, 2009 7:36 am

I would like to start saying that there should be less topics. Something like "Assasins" For everything related for that character. "Tooltips" For everything related to that, and so on... Because everyone is posting in one or another topic without order.

Nickba's, your map RULZ Freaking awesome incredible map. I was thinking about a map with a practice-stat when i found this one and i think it's a great a idea. Besides of that, the skills, quests, etc. This map is a really great idea, don't stop working on it, because i think its one of the greatests i've ever played. I know the map is really incomplete but i give you some ideas and critics, so you can make it better.

Look, i think there would be a great idea for you to look on otherAs maps or games and get something from them, improve it, and make it yours. You know what makes Diablo I, II and III a great RPG? Items. Tons and tons of items. Blizzard found that making individual items wasn't not soo efficient, so they made the Random Atribute Item drop... I'm not saying you could do something like that for warcraft, but making lots of SET items, UNIQUE Items, RARE Items, GOOD items, SHOP items, and Regular ITEMS; all different, would be great and that could make this game even better, because of the variety.

The Save/Load System I know it's not yours, but it's still giving items and gold freely. There are some terrains bugs. I minimized warcraft to chat, and when I opened it, i found that i was upon some rocks and could walk over them, but not on the regular road, the game got really lagged and i had to save and restart. There are A LOT, really TONS OF LOTS of Wrong Tooltips. I don't trust on any of them. I feel that the skills of the assasins that say 8% looks like 20%, or so. One of them says -35 armor, and it's -10 really... I don't know if it's the -10 skill effect or the -35 tooltip information that is wrong. If you repick and get another hero, there's an equip pack bug. I filled my inventory with the dark gauntlets, helmet, armor, and accesory background, and then, i was unable to get, drop or equip any item.

Assasin Blink doesn't work. It just blink, but doesn't make Dmg. When the Blinding Poison is autocasted, it takes like 3 seconds after the cast to attack again, but if you control manually, it can do it inmediatly, so, it's not a game or character feature, but it's some kind of "delay" of the actions. I'm still getting a wand every time i load. The Potion Shops cooldown i think is too long. It takes about a minute to get a potion for one person. ¿What if there are 6 players?

The wanderer merchant is a really great idea, but his items are really near to be crap.

I don't know what the blue +2, +4, +200 over the dead creeps means, but i'm sure its not exp, and it's not skill points.

Items with LVLS! i can load my character with lots of gold, repick, and get another and begin from lvl 1 with the best items. Also, i haven't seen the first bow on the whole game, i don't know how is that an archer is a character. I also think that some quest's aren't fully explained. I don't know how to build Shacks, and i'm not the only one with the same problem.

Also, there are some things that i like but that are not really usefull or "realistic". I can leave my character on patrol between 2 points and leave it some days, when i come back, it's an awesome warrior, 20 or 40 lvls higher, like 100 plus agility, etc. I like that, but makes your game too easy. I've seen that from lvl 1, you can run to the last shop and buy the best equipment. Just need the gold, but isn't so hard to get it with the Gnolls dropping almost 99% of the time.

I think that STR, AGI and INT gain is unbalanced. Maybe you could rebalance it for every character. Maybe for Assasins would be best to get 1 AGI% for kill, 0.25 STR% for hit, and 0.33 INT% For Casting, but when getting a STR based character, it would change, making it 1 STR% for kill, 0.25 AGI% for hit, and 0.33 INT% For Casting, and so on. I'm not saying that these have to be the values, i'm just saying that every character has to be balanced between them. At the end, STR characters have mor agi than STR, so, they deal less damage than an AGI Based character.

Towns could be far away one from each others, and harder to reach. Also the map could be bigger.

At this point, i don't know if this post is motivating you or making your suicide faster. Anyway, I say all this because i love the map, and i want to help by making it even better.

In resume. It's a matter of being really perfeccionist and paying atention to every detail on tooltips, map characteristics, character and gameplay logic, etc.

God Bless you All Smile

I've been, more than playing, studying this map, and comparing it with others, and i think that adding your map some features from other maps, would make it a really great, diverse, complex, fun, game.
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PostSubject: Re: Bugs and Ideas.   Wed May 27, 2009 10:44 am

People said before max stat is 255, so in end all char will be same. It's right get str is hard in end because you have to fight lvl100 priest.
But when you try kill them troll come help them and they are 2 time and mage 4times better than them. (but they are 20/10 less lvl).
It's right some char is unbalanced, the berserk has 50% to regen 1.5 or 2.5 str every 3.5 sec... With a glove 15% or mask 50% you will get so many regen (255*1.5=382.5 hp, if 2.5= 637.5hp, for spell & 15*200% (hurt around it)=30 hp if mask 50% 200*50%=100hp/// In end 400/500hp or 650/737hp...).
I think you have to make a program who game is done after 2 or 3 hours, (i've ever seen it in a rpg) or block patrol or block spawn if char is here.
It's right with save/load we can have all char lvl 1 with 1M gold, it's block whole fun...
You speak about tons of item, but if we have too many items, many will be useless & size map will make upgrade and so make fast lag.
It's right make some rare can be funny, ONLY if we can't share item with all char! And done the bug with -load with bonus gold & item but it's hard...
You said it's useless to make topics for assassin but it's a little ghost forum... If i make useless post ok but people can speak in and so they are new post when you come.
Nickba makes a forum for meet people who likes same kind of game but no one go chatbox...The last message without me is nickba 9 days ago.
(I'm sorry for my bad english...)
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PostSubject: Re: Bugs and Ideas.   Wed May 27, 2009 6:03 pm

Excuse me if i wasn't clear enough.

About Topics. I was saying that there are like 6 topics with "quest bug". ¿What about making only one "Quests Ideas" and "Quest Bugs" so everyone posts there, so they don't have to make new topics about things that have been sayd before on another topic.

There could be a "Idea" topic, and "Bug" topic. Inside of every one, there could be the same topics. "Assasin", "Ranger"; "Warrior", "Fire Mage", "Quests", "Terrain", "Bosses"; "Items", etc... If you are in the "Idea" of course, its to post ideas about the topic you are in, and if you are in the bug topic, is to post bugs.

The thing is that i'm a little obsesive, and i like order. I think it's more fast and efficient for everyone to know where to say what, but here, its just a open a new topic for anything. I would be happier if there could be a topic for each thing, and of course, a Topic for new topics and Off Topics, etc...

I wasn't meaning to be rude Smile I love you all (A)

Also i think tons of items wouldn't make the game useless. Some items would require an specific LVL, HERO, STR, AGI and/or INT wich would give more reasons to increase one of them. Also if Nickba is doing professions, that could be a Weapon Requirement too. ¿Do you know what i like? Not knowing wich item is best. To have 2 items i can use, but without knowing wich one is best than the other. I haven't found this on the map yet. Only with the 50% Life Steal mask, and with the 40 Armor Helmet. I'm not meaning 62972 Items, but at least more than 50 Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Bugs and Ideas.   Wed May 27, 2009 7:47 pm

Ok, I'm sorry for don't understand what you mean.
I'm right with you we have to do something about it...
But only nickba can and he's not here and no modo so we will need to wait.
I think we will have to start yourself to make order.
Why not make a post for each class, quest, bug item...
And if nickba want he will done us work.

And about "your ton of item", I'm with and not with you.
I'm ok for more item, for each class...
But I'm not right for imba item who gives over 100 stat or 100def or 200dmg...
I think if we need item the best is to make set as diablo II (I love it too <3).
Set for lvl required: And when you collect some part of set you have bonus.
I think it's hard to create, so i let Nickba said his answer.

(Sorry again for my bad english xD)
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PostSubject: Re: Bugs and Ideas.   Wed May 27, 2009 11:07 pm

I'm from Venezuela, my english sucks too Smile.

I don't want imba items neither, and its true, we have to start bringin peace and order to the forum beginning from ourself. I know Nickba is not around, but i'm on the duty of giving him something to read when he come's back.

I've send a pm to Nickba's of some maps i've seen with set items and with other features he could personalice for his map. I did it that way because the forum rules says that we can't publish other maps.
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PostSubject: Re: Bugs and Ideas.   Thu May 28, 2009 3:34 pm

But have you try to open map? Because many of rpg are block for no use bug.

Nickba has a real life so he can't be everytime here.

Set item can be good bc you can have a real challenge with but only nickba can choose.^^
After, we don't know what will give lvl 80 so we need to wait^^.

(p.s all people who read it:
2.go chatbox x) )
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PostSubject: Re: Bugs and Ideas.   Fri May 29, 2009 7:37 am

Hi Nickba! Your idea is great, but the map requires serious completion. Here errors which I have found in last version:
- Defender 42's and 50's level skills do not work. I do not know about next level skills, because I have not reached the necessary level yet.
- When Potions are in inventory in several copies sometimes they vanish somewhere and there is only one copy
- From Bandit Warriors sometimes drop a cross with the description "Take a Quest". I do not know where can I take it
- The Lost OneNeo's Glave quest all in errors. First, a quest is very easily to pass. It is necessary to reach a little to the east from "Aquas Shipyard", to take a subject and to reach back, I think it would be better that Lost Glaive drop from Trolls Leader or something like it. Secondly, after you bring Glaive to TheOneNeo, the quest comes to the end, but the exclamation mark all the same hangs at it over a head. Thirdly, why after quest performance, Glaives drops from Murloc's in unlimited quantity?
So I have some wishes:
- Increase the size of the map, the size of cities, the size of underground tunnels that there was a desire to carefully investigate all it
- Let map will be not such flat, add differences of levels that it looked not so boringly
- Add more versions of monsters depending on district. For example, if it is wood let there will be wolves, bears, or something similar.
- By the way, can you make that some monsters at occurrence start moving on district as it is made in Final Fantasy Epic RPG?
- I think really it is necessary to add more than different subjects, including unique, rare and so on.

I think all it really would make a map better.
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PostSubject: Re: Bugs and Ideas.   

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Bugs and Ideas.
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