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 Changing the Ingame Minimap

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Changing the Ingame Minimap Empty
PostSubject: Changing the Ingame Minimap   Changing the Ingame Minimap I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 10:54 am

This is a simple tutorial on how to change your ingame minimap!

Pre-Tutorial notes:
--You can take a tga and convert it to a .blp, if you wish. Just remember when you import to change the path to either War3MapMap.blp or War3MapPreview.blp instead of .tga.
--The minimap does NOT need an alpha channel.

Step 1: The Image
• Open up an image in any program that can make .tga files.
• Take any image, make it's size 256x256 OR 128x128.
• Save it as a .tga (either 24bit or 32, but not 16 because that crashes WC3) -- If you're using a .blp, bypass this step.

Step 2: Importing
• Open Worldedit
• Go under the import manager (look next to the "test map" icon on the toolbar up top.)

• Go under File -> Import File and then find your image. Make sure it is a .tga image.
• Change it's path to custom and make it one of these two options:

War3MapMap.tga- This will make both the minimap preview and in-game map the chosen image.
War3MapPreview.tga- This will make ONLY THE MINIMAP PREVIEW the chosen image. The in-game map will remain untouched (as in, what minimaps normally are)
If you set both a War3MapPreview and War3MapMap, the War3MapPreview image will override the War3MapMap image as the preview image only. The ingame minimap will still be the War3MapMap image.

Step 3: You're Done!
• Now, you should be done. If you've done everything correctly, when you start your map, the minimap should be replaced with the image you selected.
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Changing the Ingame Minimap
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