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 Suggestions by FireAngel17

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PostSubject: Suggestions by FireAngel17   Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:57 am

nicholas23 wrote:
i have been playing with my friends...
and we can make the following quest in a perfect state:
-the 2 of the paladin of the begining
-the priest
and thats all
the neoone or something, always has the " ! " even when we gave him the item... (for the record, is literally above the altar xD)
next... the rock thingy, we destroy it (cuz the creeps also try to XD) ... and the "price" is... we can go "faster" to the yellow-i-dont-not-what-town ... no exp, no nothing... just that
and then we dont have any more quest.... can you save us?
we found the game very interesting, but... if we can only do 4 quest, then try to get trought a dungeon thats impossible to even stand 5 seconds xD
we will be very sad
and one more thing =)
the "teleporter" once in a while freeze before giving me the option to travel , and i cant cancel it, so my game freeze, i cant save ... and well... it happened like... 5 times, and i lost , kinda ... 10 lvl's XD
so =)
pleeaaaase, fix the bugs =)
and post the new map asap =)

yes i agree though off topic becuase the problem has been solved id like to add a couple of things to this

the dugeons need to be changed to well real dugeons the mobs shouldnt respawn and the boss should have a loot table(the bosses might already, but ive never found it possible to keep all my life and mana to make it threw one)

quests need an overhual i got stuck after the priest one, or the bandit one not sure which came in what order, becusae i got lost with the movment of the bandits from yell-old? town to the harbor, which isnt a harbor becuase it has nothing to do with the sea

maybe i missed it though i coulda sworn i scaned over ever town and every mob when i was playing in lan, but then again i am blind and ive missed stuip things before lol

next maybe a skill list on the tool tip that also states the lvl that you learn your next skill, i found it werid while lvling an archer to get 2 skills that do not add at all to my damage, becuase each skill costed my whole mana pool unless i wantd to play caster style and get a staff which kinda destorys the whole point of being an arhcer, o and no bow for the archer that made me sad T_T

anyway thats about it for now
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions by FireAngel17   Sat Aug 08, 2009 6:05 am

Thank you for your suggestions but please the next time post them here.
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Suggestions by FireAngel17
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